Studio Pause Classes
Diverse Fitness & Wellness Classes for Mind-Body Health

An older woman doing yoga on the floor

Anti-Stress Yoga
Escape the chaos and find solace in our Anti-Stress Yoga class, where tranquility is cultivated through movement. Led by expert instructors, this gentle practice offers a soothing blend of mindful breathing, relaxing poses, and stress-relieving techniques, designed to melt away tension and restore inner calm. Whether you're navigating the challenges of daily life or seeking respite from everyday pressures, our Anti-Stress Yoga provides a nurturing environment to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with yourself. Join us on the mat and embark on a journey towards greater relaxation, balance, and well-being.

Stretch & Detox Yoga
Stretch & Detox Yoga is a rejuvenating class that focuses on gentle stretching, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques to release tension, improve flexibility, and cleanse the body and mind. Combining elements of hatha and yin yoga with detoxifying practices, such as twists, inversions, and breathwork, this class aims to promote circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and enhance the body's natural detoxification processes. Participants are guided through a series of slow-paced, mindful movements and supported stretches that target tight muscles and encourage the release of toxins stored in the body. With an emphasis on surrendering to the present moment and letting go of stress and negativity, Stretch & Detox Yoga offers a nurturing and supportive environment for individuals to unwind, recharge, and restore balance. Led by experienced instructors, this class provides modifications and variations to accommodate all levels of flexibility and experience, ensuring that everyone can experience the benefits of deep relaxation and inner cleansing. Whether you're seeking relief from physical tension, mental fatigue, or simply a moment of peace and tranquility, Stretch & Detox Yoga offers a gentle yet powerful practice to nourish the body, clear the mind, and renew the spirit.

Hatha Yoga
Embark on a transformative journey with our Hatha Yoga classes, where ancient wisdom meets modern practice. In these sessions, you'll explore the foundational elements of yoga, including asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), and meditation. With a focus on alignment, strength, and flexibility, our Hatha Yoga classes offer an opportunity to deepen your connection to body, mind, and breath. Whether you're new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, you'll find a welcoming space to explore the richness of Hatha Yoga, cultivate inner awareness, and experience profound relaxation.

Hatha Flow Yoga
Experience the fluidity of movement and breath in our Hatha Flow Yoga classes, a dynamic fusion of traditional Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa flow. These sessions offer a balanced blend of longer holds in poses and smooth transitions between movements, creating a seamless flow of energy on the mat. Through creative sequencing and breath-linked movement, you'll invigorate your body, calm your mind, and deepen your practice. Whether you're looking to build strength, increase flexibility, or simply reconnect with yourself, our Hatha Flow Yoga classes provide a supportive environment for exploration, growth, and self-discovery.

Vinyasa Yoga

Step onto the mat and dive into the rhythmic flow of Vinyasa Yoga, where movement becomes meditation and breath becomes life. In these dynamic classes, each movement is synchronized with the breath, creating a seamless sequence of poses that challenges the body and focuses the mind. With an emphasis on continuous movement and creative sequencing, Vinyasa Yoga offers an invigorating practice that builds strength, flexibility, and inner awareness. Whether you're seeking a physical challenge or a deeper connection to yourself, our Vinyasa Yoga classes provide a space for exploration, empowerment, and transformation. Join us and experience the joy of movement, the beauty of breath, and the power of presence on the mat.

Yoga Sculpt
Yoga Sculpt is a dynamic fitness class that combines the mindfulness and meditative aspects of yoga with strength training and cardio elements for a well-rounded and invigorating workout. Designed to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve cardiovascular health, Yoga Sculpt incorporates traditional yoga poses with the addition of hand weights, resistance bands, or other props to intensify muscle engagement. With an emphasis on breath awareness and proper alignment, participants flow through a series of yoga sequences while incorporating strength-building exercises, such as squats, lunges, and planks, as well as cardio bursts to elevate the heart rate. Led by experienced instructors, Yoga Sculpt classes offer a supportive and empowering environment where individuals of all levels can challenge themselves, tone their bodies, and deepen their mind-body connection. With energizing music and a dynamic flow, Yoga Sculpt provides a transformative workout experience that leaves participants feeling balanced, strong, and rejuvenated both physically and mentally. Whether you're looking to increase muscle tone, improve endurance, or simply enhance your overall well-being, Yoga Sculpt offers a holistic approach to fitness that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit.


Engage in the precision of controlled movements with our Pilates class—a mindful workout designed to enhance flexibility, build strength, and foster control and endurance. Focus on your core, shaping abdominal, lower back, and hip muscles for stability. Our mat-based sessions prioritize alignment, core development, and coordination, sculpting long, athletic muscles. Led by expert instructors, our class blends classical and contemporary techniques, offering a physically challenging yet low-impact experience suitable for all levels. Elevate your well-being through the transformative power of Pilates. All are welcome!

Gentle Pilates
Experience the gentle side of Pilates with our Gentle Pilates class—a nurturing and mindful approach to movement designed to enhance flexibility, build strength, and promote relaxation. Engage in slow and controlled movements that focus on your core while gently shaping abdominal, lower back, and hip muscles for stability and support. Our mat-based sessions prioritize proper alignment, core development, and coordination, helping you sculpt long, lean muscles in a gentle and supportive environment. Led by expert instructors, our class blends classical Pilates principles with contemporary techniques, offering a physically beneficial yet low-impact experience suitable for all levels of fitness and mobility. Embrace the transformative power of Gentle Pilates and elevate your overall well-being. All are welcome to join!

Pilates Fitness
Pilates Fitness is aimed to enhance core strength, flexibility, posture, and overall body conditioning. Through precise movements, focused breathing techniques, and an emphasis on core engagement, participants strengthen their muscles, improve flexibility, correct posture, and develop a strong mind-body connection. This class integrates elements of flexibility training, muscle toning, and breath awareness to create a balanced and effective fitness routine suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Led by certified instructors, Pilates Fitness sessions offer a dynamic yet low-impact workout experience, fostering improved core stability, enhanced mobility, reduced stress, and increased mindfulness. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Pilates Fitness provides a versatile and adaptable approach to fitness, promoting holistic well-being and functional movement patterns.


Welcome to our Eccentrics fitness class! Join us for a dynamic and transformative workout experience that combines strength training, flexibility exercises, and mindfulness techniques. Through controlled eccentric muscle contractions, you'll build strength, improve flexibility, and enhance overall muscle function. Led by an experienced instructor, our classes cater to all fitness levels and provide a supportive environment for personal growth and improvement. With an emphasis on body awareness and stress reduction, Eccentrics offers a holistic approach to fitness that leaves participants feeling empowered and rejuvenated. Enjoy our Eccentrics class and discover the transformative benefits for yourself!


Experience the precision of a Barre class, a workout method inspired by ballet conditioning that utilizes your own body weight, the ballet barre, and minimal props for a transformative fitness session. Classes concentrate on small, pulsing movements, prioritizing form, alignment, core engagement, and lower body exercises. Through this focused approach, you'll channel your inner strength, leaving each class feeling strong, confident, and poised. Join us for powerful movements, energizing music, and the satisfying burn that comes with sculpting your muscles. All levels are welcome to enjoy the benefits of this dynamic workout.

Barre - HIIT

Barre-HIIT is a high-energy fusion class that combines elements of traditional barre exercises with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for a dynamic and challenging workout experience. Drawing inspiration from ballet, Pilates, and strength training, this class incorporates small, isometric movements to target specific muscle groups while integrating bursts of cardio-intensive intervals to elevate the heart rate and maximize calorie burn. Participants can expect a full-body workout that enhances muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Led by certified instructors, Barre-HIIT classes offer a motivating and supportive environment where individuals of all fitness levels can push their limits, improve their overall fitness, and achieve their goals. With upbeat music, creative choreography, and varied exercises, Barre-HIIT provides a fun and effective way to sculpt lean muscles, boost metabolism, and leave you feeling energized and empowered. Whether you're looking to tone, tighten, or simply challenge yourself in a new way, Barre-HIIT delivers a comprehensive and exhilarating workout that will leave you feeling strong, confident, and accomplished.

A man doing pushups workout on the floor

Embark on a dynamic fitness journey with our strength classes—a modern approach to body conditioning that maximizes efficiency. Our invigorating sessions feature high-intensity sequences, blending functional and movement-based training. This creates diverse stimuli for both body and mind, working every muscle to build physical and mental strength while boosting stamina. Join us for a high-energy workout that delivers results.


Unleash the power within you in our boxing classes—where strength meets fearless focus and endurance is honed. Dive into the fundamentals of the "sweet science," mastering everything from precise punches to agile footwork and a full range of defensive maneuvers. Under the expert guidance of our highly experienced trainers, you'll engage in partner drills, mitwork, and heavy bag sessions, enhancing your stamina, coordination, and technique. These classes are designed not only to make you sweat like never before but also to boost self-esteem as you gain a deeper understanding of the principles of the sport. Whether you're a beginner venturing into the ring for the first time or a seasoned master, our boxing classes cater to all levels. Mandatory hand wraps, essential for your protection, can be conveniently purchased at our studio. Bring your own boxing gloves to the class. Join us in the pursuit of strength, skill, and a renewed sense of confidence. All levels are welcome!

Movement Flow

Unlock the dynamics of movement in our Movement classes—exploring primal movements, body weight practices, and physical play with a focus on functional engagement. Experience sessions that navigate floor transitions and inversions, uncovering new ranges of movement. Mindful use of the body opens up possibilities, helping you move more efficiently and build core strength and flexibility for a lighter, more joyful everyday physicality. Join us in refining your movement skills where power meets grace. All levels are welcome!


Unleash the power of bodyweight training in our Calisthenics classes, where you'll explore the art of using your own body resistance to sculpt your physique. Derived from the ancient Greek words for "beauty" and "strength," Calisthenics dates back to practices in ancient Greece and China. In these classes, experience unique and challenging bodyweight workouts that teach you to control your body in impressive ways. Boost your endurance and build core and upper-body strength, rivaling that of a gymnast. Elevate your fitness with Calisthenics—where strength meets grace. All levels are welcome!

Self Defence

Join our class to feel stronger and more confident while learning how to defend yourself. We focus on both your body and mind, making sure you feel supported. You'll learn techniques that help you stay strong and aware in different situations. At Studio Pause, we care about your well-being and the lessons you'll learn here. We want to make sure you have the skills to protect yourself both physically and mentally.

A young lady writing her journal on the sofa
Guided Journaling

As you embark on this journaling expedition, the focus is not solely on the words on paper but on the journey within. The sessions are accompanied by soothing music, setting the tone for introspection and creativity. Nicole believe's in the profound impact of mindful journaling, where each pen stroke becomes a tool for self-reflection and personal growth. The pen becomes a companion on the path of self-discovery. The journal is not just a book; it's a sanctuary, a mirror reflecting the innermost thoughts and aspirations. With each session, participants find themselves unraveling layers, gaining insights, and experiencing a sense of fulfillment. These classes are an invitation to embrace the art of journaling as a powerful tool for self-expression and self-discovery, leaving participants with a renewed connection to their own narratives and a deeper understanding of themselves.

Breathwork & Meditation

Explore the benefits of breathwork and meditation, carefully crafted to enhance both physical and mental well-being. Through intentional breathwork techniques, a key component of these practices, unlock a pathway to activate the body's relaxation response, reducing stress hormones and fostering a deep sense of calm. Like dynamic strength exercises improve flexibility, controlled breathing may positively influence cardiovascular health. Conscious breath regulation may optimize respiratory function and establish a strong mind-body connection. Mindfulness meditation enhances cognitive functions, such as attention and memory, while also positively affecting emotional well-being by alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety. The relaxation induced by these practices may also benefit immune system function, pain perception, and sleep quality. Embracing breathwork and meditation is great for health and can contribute to overall well-being.

Open Mat

Enjoy our Open Mat sessions—a dedicated period for individual workouts and self-discovery, with certified staff on hand for any questions or guidance you may need. This exclusive session invites our members into a realm of tranquility and individual exploration. Enjoy the privileged access to our serene and fully-equipped yoga studio during Open Mat, complete with all the essential props and mats for a comfortable workout. It's a chance to immerse yourself in a peaceful environment, focus on your unique exercise routine, and explore your practice at your preferred pace.

Young children doing yoga
Tiny Twisters (4-7yrs)

Welcome to Tiny Twisters, where little ones aged 4 to 7 embark on an exhilarating journey of discovery and movement! Led by experienced instructors, our dynamic sessions offer a blend of active exploration and creative play. Kids engage in activities like jumps and rolls, fostering strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Through playful exploration, Tiny Twisters creates a nurturing environment for your child to discover the joy of movement and mindfulness. Join us for a fun-filled class where excitement awaits at every turn!

Kids Mobility & Strength (7-12yrs)

Spark your child's enthusiasm for movement with our Kids Mobility class, meticulously designed to promote physical development, coordination, and a joyful embrace of active play. Tailored exercises and dynamic activities not only enhance flexibility and strength but also contribute to the refinement of motor skills crucial for overall fundamental movement skills. Led by experienced instructors, this class provides a structured and engaging environment that fosters confidence, social interaction, and the fundamental building blocks of a healthy, active lifestyle. All skill levels are invited to join this enriching experience, offering children the opportunity to cultivate essential physical skills and discover the joy of movement.