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Mind-Body Connection for Holistic Health
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Wellness Workshops for Balanced Living

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Immerse yourself in our Wellness Workshop series, a monthly exploration of diverse wellness concepts led by experienced professionals. Join us in these workshops to gain practical tools and fresh perspectives on achieving and maintaining balance in your life.


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Volunteer Program with Complimentary Membership
Creating a warm atmosphere for our members.

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Join our volunteer program at Studio Pause and become a vital part of our welcoming community! All volunteers receive a complimentary membership as a token of our appreciation, granting full access to our classes. Join us today and make a difference at Studio Pause!

The Front Desk Volunteer will assist members, answer inquiries, and contribute to our positive studio vibe.

The Instructor Volunteer will share passion and expertise with our community through their classes.

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Meet our Dedicated Team
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Venus Babalis
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Coach Peter
Vitalina Pryshchepa
David Guigui
Chrissy Papageorgopoulos
Maher Salloum
Jessica Juneau
Kawtar Najam
Martine Riscalla
Stephanie Jama
Thalina & Edwin
Tatyana Lahaise
Isabelle Viau
Patricia Urbina
Dominic Duclos
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Empowering Testimonials of Strength, Balance, Power, and Stillness
Wellness journeys shared by our Laval community.

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Discover Strength

"Studio Pause goes beyond a workout; it's a journey within where I've found my strength. Learning these practices is the best gift I could have given myself."
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Embrace Balance

"In the rhythm of yoga, pilates, and mindful movement, Studio Pause is my sanctuary. Listening to my body, I find power in every pose and grace in every pause."
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Unleash Power

"Boxing at Studio Pause is more than a typical class, it's an empowerment journey. Through each punch and every pause, I've found strength and resilience."
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Wellness Unveiled

"Studio Pause's monthly wellness workshops are my morning cup of coffee. Each session unveils new insights, empowering me to navigate life with clarity and purpose."
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Peaceful Stillness

"Studio Pause is where I found the sweet spot between exercise and well-being. I've adopted a healthier, more balanced lifestyle."
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