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Host Memorable Events at Studio Pause - Lounge Space Included!

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Studio Rental

Discover a new realm of event hosting at Studio Pause, now available for rent. Our beautifully designed space, located in the heart of Laval, offers easy accessibility, free parking, and a spacious environment, making it an ideal venue for various occasions and events including support groups, team-building workshops, presentations, and more. This inviting space is yours to indulge in, whether you seek a moment of solitude or prefer to share the ambiance with friends.  Elevate your events, as our studio rental includes exclusive access to our inviting lounge area. Featuring a comfortable seating arrangement, it provides the perfect backdrop for creating memorable and impactful gatherings. The Lounge Area is a dedicated retreat where you can truly make it your own, fostering an environment that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation.

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