Meet Our Wellness Team

Dedicated Experts Committed to Your Well-being

The Teachers
At Studio Pause, our teachers are highly specialized in a broad range of methods, approaches and techniques, offering diverse and enriching teaching styles.

Venus Babalis

Venus's classes are an empowering journey of strength and movement. Dedicated to instilling resilience and confidence, Venus guides her students through sessions that go beyond physical strength, encouraging a deep connection to inner power. As participants move through each class, they experience not only invigorating workouts but also a lasting sense of vitality resonating in both body and mind. Venus's holistic approach extends beyond the studio, aiming for her students to feel rejuvenated, carrying the empowering energy seamlessly into their daily lives.

Image of coach Peter
Coach Peter

Meet Peter, our lively kids' mobility class coach! With a deep love for sports, he weaves the excitement of games into every session. Drawing from his experience in hockey and fitness, Peter creates a vibrant atmosphere, inspiring youngsters to embrace an active and playful lifestyle. His contagious energy and genuine joy for sports create an environment where kids eagerly explore their physical abilities. Through imaginative activities and a focus on fun, he nurtures not just mobility but a lasting love for an active and healthy life.

Vitalina Pryshchepa

Vitalina is a pilates instructor who loves to help others improve their health and fitness. She has completed pilates mat and reformer training from reputable institutions and has gained valuable experience teaching pilates to clients of various levels and backgrounds.Vitalina enjoys creating dynamic, fun, and challenging classes that suit the needs and preferences of each client. She believes that pilates is not only a physical exercise, but also a way to cultivate a positive mindset, self-confidence, and inner peace.

David Guigui

Meet David Guigui, a third-degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, at our wellness studio where he leads our self-defense class. With over twenty years of experience, David is a seasoned expert in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts, with numerous victories in national and local championships under his belt. Committed to sharing his expertise and passion for self-defense, David is dedicated to empowering our community through his teachings. Join us as we learn from one of the industry's most renowned figures and enhance our skills in self-defense.

Chrissy Papageogoupolos

Introducing Chrissy, our dedicated yoga, breath, meditation, and movement teacher. With a profound focus on mindset and health, Chrissy infuses her classes with a holistic approach aimed at nurturing inner balance and vitality. Emphasizing the power of breath and meditation, she guides students towards mindfulness and resilience, creating a nurturing space for exploration and growth. Chrissy's teachings reflect her own journey and extensive training, offering a unique blend of wisdom and authenticity to inspire self-care and self-discovery on and off the mat. Join Chrissy to embark on a transformative journey of holistic wellness.


Annie, with over 20 years of experience in martial arts and holding a first-degree black belt in taekwondo, has a deep desire to share her knowledge to aid others. She has dedicated herself to teaching self-defence classes to women affected by aggression through the organization Ivac. Her love for the barre, Pilates, and yoga knows no bounds; Annie has obtained certifications in each of these disciplines. Teaching holds a special place in her heart, as she finds immense joy in fostering physical and mental well-being in others. She thrives on sharing her energy, offering encouragement, motivation, and guidance to individuals embarking on their journey at Studio Pause. The sense of community is paramount to her, fostering connections and support among all who join her in this enriching venture.

Martine Riscalla

Martine Riscalla, a Certified Sports Trainer with a wealth of experience and a multitude of certifications across various fitness disciplines, steps into her role as an Essentrics instructor with zeal. Her ultimate life goal is to disseminate her knowledge and ignite a shared passion for fitness among individuals from diverse backgrounds. Martine firmly believes that fitness transcends mere physical exercise; it is a holistic journey encompassing the mind, body, and soul. With this ethos at the forefront of her teaching philosophy, she strives to make fitness accessible to all, regardless of age or background. Martine's dedication to fostering a total wellness experience resonates in her approach, creating an environment where everyone feels empowered to embark on their personal fitness journey.

Kawtar Najam

Caring deeply for the well-being of others, Kawtar will be there at all times to support and encourage you in your journey. Her passion for yoga and the world of energy will allow you to discover yourself in all your facets. With several certifications under her belt, she will provide you with all the necessary tools to evolve your practice in the studio as well as your personal practice. Her classes will not only strengthen your physical body, endurance, and flexibility but also take you on an inner journey and reconnect you with your own spark. She will impart joy and guide you towards peace of mind.

Jessica Juneau

A true lover of animals and nature, Jessica is a woman passionate about life! Adventurous, inclusive, and open-minded, she doesn't hesitate to step out of her comfort zone. In fact, it was this willingness that led her to the wonderful world of yoga over 8 years ago. Over time, her personal practice has evolved greatly thanks to quality teacher training but above all, thanks to exceptional human encounters. One of her greatest wishes is to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of experience. Indeed, kindness and authenticity are values that can be found in her classes. Whether it's just to move or to completely unwind, with Jessica, pleasure is always part of the experience!

Stephanie Jama

The best workout of all is whichever one you enjoy, because that's the one you'll actually do. Of course you'll work hard and feel the burn with high-reps and low-impact movements in Stephanie's full body barre class, and you will have fun doing it! Stephanie's supportive and fun loving energy, her carefully curated playlists and musically choreographed movements are accessible for all fitness levels. Her classes are a gift for your mind and body, offering an opportunity to move intentionally, take up space with proud posture, release tense energy, laugh in the moment, and enjoy a loving deep stretch at the end. Students leave her class feeling supported, grounded, reset and present. Stephanie has a genuine passion for people and is dedicated to helping humans show up for themselves, so that they can show up in this crazy and beautiful world.

Maher Salloum

Meet Maher, a seasoned professional MMA fighter turned dedicated boxing instructor. With years of experience in the ring, Maher brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to his teaching. His passion for combat sports is evident in his dynamic coaching style, where he focuses on technique, strategy, and conditioning. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced fighter aiming to refine your skills, Maher is committed to helping you reach your goals and unleash your full potential in the world of boxing.

Thalina & Edwin

Meet Thalina and Edwin, your dynamic Zumba duo dedicated to bringing joy and fitness to every class they lead. With a shared passion for community and a commitment to ensuring everyone leaves their class with a smile, Thalina and Edwin have become beloved figures in the local fitness scene. Edwin brings over 10 years of dance experience to the floor, while Thalina adds her 7 years of dance expertise, creating a perfect blend of high-energy routines and engaging choreography. Together, they create an environment where everyone feels welcome, regardless of fitness level or dance experience. Their classes are known for their infectious energy, supportive atmosphere, and the celebration of movement and music. Join Thalina and Edwin for a Zumba class that promises fun, fitness, and a lot of smiles. Their combined energy and enthusiasm make every session a memorable experience.

Tatyana Lahaise

With a background in karate, gymnastics and figure skating, Tatyana has been passionate about movement all her life. Much like with the previous disciplines she mastered, Tatyana loves the balance between strength, stability and softness that one can achieve through the ancient practice of yoga. With over a decade of experience, her classes focus on poses, stretches and breath work that cater to all levels. Her practice aims to strengthen the body, still the mind and invigorate the soul


Wellness Professionals
At Studio Pause, our wellness professionals are highly specialized, bringing a diverse range of methods and techniques to provide enriching and personalized services.

Isabelle Viau

Isabelle is an Osteopath who loves to make her clients feel better quickly. She listens to her clients and takes the time to explain the content of the session so that her approach is well understood. Isabelle is very cheerful and welcoming. Her clientele is diverse, including babies, children, and adults. The sessions are suitable for everyone for various reasons (follow-up, digestive issues, discomfort during movement or rest, pregnant women, athletes, insomnia, anxiety, ...). From 2010 to 2020, she was a Pilates instructor. Pilates led her to osteopathy due to her passion for anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics. She has been practicing osteopathy since 2017.

Venus Babalis
Personal Trainer

In the world of personal training, Venus' sessions are all about feeling fantastic and achieving real results. Our mission is to boost your confidence and build unshakable strength, guiding you through workouts that go beyond the physical grind to tap into your inner power. Each session isn't just about breaking a sweat; it's about unlocking a sense of vitality that leaves you feeling incredible in both body and mind. We're not just chasing fitness goals; we're on a journey to make you feel unstoppable. The impact doesn't stop when you leave the studio; it's about carrying that amazing energy into your daily life, so you not only look great but also feel absolutely fantastic. Let's turn every workout into a powerful step towards a more confident and empowered version of you!

Patricia Urbina
Life Coach

As a life coach, I draw inspiration from the innate wisdom and resilience within each individual. Believing deeply in the power of transformation, I integrate evidence-based strategies to empower clients on their personal journeys towards growth and fulfillment. My approach is rooted in fostering self-awareness, cultivating strengths, and guiding practical steps that align with clients' aspirations, values and goals. I have honed my skills in cognitive-behavioral , dialectical behavioural techniques and mindfulness.With a deep commitment to ongoing learning and growth, I continue to explore new avenues for facilitating transformation and enhancing well-being. Together, we will explore and harness your potential to achieve meaningful and sustainable changes in your life

Dominic Duclos
Massage Therapist

Welcome to Studio Pause. I'm Dominic Duclos, a massage therapist and physical therapist, passionate about well-being and holistic health. With extensive experience in massage therapy and physical therapy, I offer personalized treatments to relieve your muscle tension while promoting greater awareness and relaxation of your soul. As a practitioner of martial arts (black belt in karate) and Qi Gong for many years, you will also benefit from this unique expertise during our sessions. I firmly believe that physical and mental well-being are inseparable. That's why my sessions incorporate a variety of techniques tailored to your specific needs, whether for therapeutic reasons or profound relaxation. My goal is to create a space where you can reconnect with yourself, soothing your pains and harmonizing your inner energy.